Go to Montgomery, CT to See the Changing Leaves

Fall foliage viewing in Connecticut is one of the most popular activities for people who enjoy nature. While many people are drawn to the beauty of the trees and flowers, others enjoy knowing where they can go and how they can view this beautiful time of year.

Here are some great locations to see fall foliage in Montgomery, CT. Check out some of these tips and see what areas to visit this autumn.

Macedon Brook State Park

Macedon Brook State Park is a 2,000-acre park situated just north of New Haven.

Hiking the cobble-stone trails gives you an excellent view of the stunning fall foliage throughout the park. I once had a friend tell me the amazing colors remind him of the epoxy paints he uses in his business. You can visit the site here to see all the different fall colors.

Riverhead State Park

Riverhead State Park is a scenic park home to a variety of wildlife, including a large population of birds. You will also find a variety of beautiful wildflowers, butterflies, and mammals.

In the winter season, the park is filled with skiers and snowboarders. The park features a small village, cabins, and several campsites.

Bald Mountain State Park

This area of Montgomery, CT, is a popular attraction for families and nature lovers. It is also an ideal location for seeing a variety of fall foliage species. There are also some great bird species here to view.

Westport Water Park

Located in the town of Montgomery, this water park offers a pleasant family experience.

The water park offers over one hundred and fifty acres of open land. Here you will find a wide variety of canoeing, hiking, biking, and swimming. You can enjoy a picnic lunch in the picnic areas while viewing the fall foliage.

There are many other parks in Montgomery that you may want to consider visiting. Be sure to do your research on the area before you begin any planning to go there. In the fall months, this can be a vital time to plan and make reservations.

Final Thoughts

You will not regret taking the time to plan your fall trip to Montgomery. When you visit this lovely town, you will find that you will leave with a beautiful view of fall foliage and the feel of autumn.

You will find that there are many more places that you can check out if you take a little time to think about what it is that you want to do this fall. The key is to make sure that you have enough time to make sure that you have a perfect spot for you.

Fall foliage viewing is a great experience no matter what time of year it is. So when you find yourself in a great place to see fall foliage, be sure to make the most of it and see this beautiful time of year!